Acana Bebidas é destaque no FOOD NAVIGATOR US (FANCY FOOD SHOW NY)

Another product that caught our eye – and our taste buds – was Acana, a sugarcane juice from Santa Lourdes farm in Sao Paulo Brazil with no added water, sugar, colors or preservatives and 120 calories per 6.7fl oz single serve pack (similar to orange juice).

If you haven’t tried fresh cane juice before, prepare to be pleasantly surprised. It’s fruity, and not intensely sweet, and packed with vitamin A, C, and potassium.

Not to be confused with evaporated cane juice (which is not in fact a juice, but a crystallized sugar product), the pure sugar cane juice is available in original or with added lime, passion fruit or pineapple.

While anyone can crush freshly cut sugar cane and squeeze out the juice, making a shelf-stable product is the challenge, said Acana founder Ana Leite.

“Freshly squeezed cane juice is really popular in Brazil, but as soon as you cut the cane, it starts to deteriorate and go brown, so we pasteurize it and put it in a Tetrapak so it has a shelf life of six months.”